Air Ultrasonic Humidifier

Dhs. 49.00

 Humidification should be 2 metres away when sleeping

Humidifier to the head or near the head humidification for a long time when you go  to bed, which is easy to cause headaches for night cold moisture;

At the same time, a strong humidity is not a benefit to the respiratory tract against           harm.

 Learn to timing, water humidification

Adding wet in not particularly dry weather or sleep,  easily causing headaches
because of the cold moisture of the night .

After the completion of the first add water , then boot

In the first time, a boot up after the large amounts of water injection, in order to protect the machine parts life.

Regular cleaning is more healthy

Humidifier work or place for a long time, we need to regular cleaning to prevent scale, bacteria and other organisms which can affect the health of humidifier.