Authentic by Amaris for Men - Eau de Toilette, 100ml

by Amaris
Dhs. 24.00
Authentic by Aramis for Men is a refreshing aromatic fragrance with hints of sweet spices. The Eau de Toilette is masculine, dashing, and long lasting. The fragrance opens with a fresh blend of lemon, lavender, and bergamot along with floral scents of petitgrain. The top notes are followed by a heart of orange blossom, spicy, woody coriander, and fresh juniper berries. This macho EDT ends with aromas of rosewood, sandal, and amber The fragrance is available in a transparent 100ml flacon that is topped with a silver dabber and a clear cap.
The top notes of Authentic by Aramis for Men radiate fresh aromas of lemon, lavender, bergamot, and petitgrain. The scents of bergamot and petitgrain are extracted from the fruit, leaves, and barks of a variety of orange trees. The top notes are refreshingly tangy in nature.
At the heart of the Authentic by Aramis for Men lies the alluring scent of orange blossoms that is both magically sweet and wonderfully refreshing. The scent of the orange blossoms integrates well with the fragrance of spicy, woody, resinous coriander and fresh juniper berries, to give you an excellent mix of the aromatic notes.
The base of Authentic by Aramis for Men is composed of natural, soft notes of rosewood, classical, oriental woody aromas of sandal, and warm amber. These components blend ideally to produce an enticing fragrance that is hard to miss.