Benice BNS-016 Facial Sauna

by Benice
Dhs. 49.00


  • Respiratory therapy with the use of steam
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation for the face and neck
  • Perfectly clean face and neck
  • Treatment of airway


  • After being filled with water, the procedures take between 10-30 minutes.Benice
  • After use, switch the appliance off and the tank was evaporated.
  • Make sure the unit is powered on. Net. Fill the tank with water up to the maximum indication.
  • Do not exceed the limit.
  • Do not use more than one hour.
  • Personal use should not exceed 15-20 minutes.


  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Weight: 580 grams.
  • Dimensions: 22H20H25 cm.
  • Power supply: 220 V
  • Power: 100 W
  • LED indicator
  • Button: L / H


  • Sauna Machine Facial
  • 1 PC. face mask
  • 1 PC. accessory aromatherapy
  • 1 PC. measuring cup

With a sauna face Benice soak in a relaxing dream home. Without unnecessary time and money to get treatment and relaxing pleasure at home. Take care of your skin as achieve clean, healthy and hydrated skin.
Feel special and more beautiful.
Benice BNS-016 controls the intensity of the steam through a button. It has two levels (L / H) to adjust the steam. This controls the cleaning of the face. You can use bottled or tap water and add different flavors, oils and essences. Facial Sauna Benice is effective in hydrating, intensive cleaning and improving circulation.
Pamper yourself with Benice BNS-016 and shine again!