Chocolate Fountain, Red

Dhs. 49.00


· Can serve 2-4 people for a mini party.

· Recommended for small gathering or kids parties.

· When you run a small chocolate fountain, wastage is not gonna’ be a problem.

· The 3 tiers fountain is made of high-quality plastic material with a stainless steel bowl.

· It is easy to operate with two switch control motor and temperature

This is a beautiful addition to any dining or buffet table.

· It is very compact, you can take it with you wherever you go and make any day a memorable one

· Power: 220 240V, 50Hz, 65W / 100 120V, 60Hz, 40W

· Product Size: 150x150x220mm

· Capacity: 200ml / 7 Oz

Description of Mini Chocolate FountainMake all your parties sweeter than ever with this Mini Chocolate Fountain. Create a beautiful dessert display to simultaneously delight and serve your guests. Experiment with dark, milk and white chocolates or even a combination. With a liquid ...