White Light Tooth Teeth Whitening System 3 in 1 Bundle Offer

by White Light
Dhs. 59.00
  • New Revolutionary System Incorporates light technology
  • Whitens teeth in 10 minutes
  • Works great on stains caused by coffee, smoking, tea, etc.
  • Very easy to use with single button operation
  • Fast and Painless
  • Convenient and Comfortable to use

Power floss

  • Quick and easy - just fill with water, point and press topower away plaque-causing debris.
  • Air Infusion Technology - Air propels water to gentlyremove debris
  • Water Flosser & oral irrigator features an ergonomicdesign and low profile tip to easily reach back teeth
  • Power Floss is perfect for keeping braces and otherdental work clean
  • No batteries or cords. Water pick great for adults andkids.

The Fast and Easy Way to Floss Every Day


Keep your teeth sparkling clean with Power Floss Dental Water Jet, As Seen on TV. The quick and easy cordless design powers away food particles and plaque-causing debris. You can even fill it with mouthwash to freshen your breath as you floss. It’s perfect for kids and adults; use it every day to keep braces clean and maintain crowns or implants.

The Air-Powered Flosser

This powerful oral hygiene tool uses air infusion technology. With the push of a button, air propels water to blast away debris gently and effectively. The comfort-grip design and low-profile tip make it easy to reach your back teeth and keep your whole mouth feeling fresher.

Easier Than Traditional Dental Floss

Manual flossing can be an icky, uncomfortable and a time-consuming chore. But, everyone knows the importance of a good dental hygiene routine. When bacteria builds up in your mouth, it can compromise your tooth’s enamel and cause cavities or decay. Now you can get the healthy and brilliantly clean results you want, without all the fuss. Power Floss works in a flash and is fun to use.

Power Flossing Protects Your Teeth

Power Floss harnesses the power of air aDental Carend water to support your oral health. The ergonomic white plastic wand, 8.25”L, flushes out bacteria and other debris from all those tight spaces between teeth, behind orthodontics and around your expensive dental work.Dental CareWhitening System

Get ready to show off your clean and dazzling smile with Power Floss Dental Water Jet

Spinning Spa Shower Brush

    • Microderm abrasion head to fill with your favorite body wash
    • Mesh Sponge Head for gentle exfoliation
    • Massage Head, great for curing sole muscles and promote blood circulation
    • Pumice stone for calluses and rough skin
    • Cleansing head having soft bristles for every cleaning
    • AAA Batteries not included
  • Bath Body Category : Body Massage